Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa Cruz

Today DH and I decided to be spontaneous and head down to Santa Cruz for the day. Home of our alma mater UC Santa Cruz, the Beach Boardwalk, and a major stop on the monarch butterfly migration along the western United States, Santa Cruz has always held a special place in my heart.

We drove down the coast and finally had some nice weather (meaning, it didn't rain for the first time in days) and just enjoyed being able to do something like this together on a Monday that we were both off from work.
Ducks at the state park

Enjoying DH's favorite sandwich at Joes
Santa Cruz Pier in the sun
Santa Cruz Pier

Some of our favorite places in town:
Swanton Berry farm - amazing jams and pies all organically made and locally grown off the highway 1. Dave's favorite is the olallaberry jam.
Pacific Cookie Company - home to the yummiest home made cookies in SC. We love the mint condition, and during the summer the sugar cookie with cherries is my all time favorite.
99 Bottles - 99+ varieties of beer and hopefully you might find something new here.
Natural Bridges State Park - home to thousands of monarchs who stop here on their migration, as well as a lovely beach.
West Cliff Drive - amazing place to park your car and go for a walk and watch all of the surfers riding waves.
Beach Boardwalk - Always worth a visit, even if its just to stroll the boardwalk, ride the wooden roller coaster, or indulge in some classic video games (tetris, anyone?)

And that's about it for now... I hope where ever you are that you are having the happiest of holidays :) Merry Christmas to those out there that celebrate it!


  1. Your trip looks and sounds amazing! The west coast is sooooo beautiful!

  2. awww how romantic and fun! i adore santa cruz! that sammie looks so noms!

  3. What a wonderful sojourn! It is really nice to take a short trip and get away for a while. Now I want to visit Santa Cruz too! Thanks for the great recommendations in the area.


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