Friday, December 14, 2012

Sweater Weather

As evening starts to fall earlier and earlier I find myself reaching for my cozy sweaters during the day. And as the week goes on my outfits tend to get more casual in the office (and I'm so glad that I can get away with wearing jeans in the office).

I picked up this crew neck comfy sweater at J Crew this past weekend and definitely enjoyed wearing it yesterday. I almost didn't want to take it off when I went to bed at the ungodly hour of 8:30 because I was that tired and cold.

Jeans: Gap, Sweater and scarf: J Crew, Button down: Old Navy

Also, you can see my awesome new iphone case. It's french hens. I kinda sorta love it. And I really promise I have the rest of my face, its just hiding.

Since I won a contest at work the other day I get a gift card to J Crew and I'm already hunting for my splurge item that I get to purchase. I'm really loving this bag that I saw Annie wearing over at The Other Side of Grey but alas its not in stock on the website. Perhaps I will finally make a journey over to the new J Crew outlet on one of my days off at the end of the year.

Tonight DH, my sister and her boyfriend are getting together for dinner and to celebrate my grandpa since it's the 5 year anniversary of his passing (holy wow, how time flies!). Tomorrow we are getting together with some friends for a holiday dinner, and Sunday will most likely involve lots of football and perhaps some pizza. Next week is also the last full week of work before 2012 closes and I'm excited for some days to sleep in and also for Hawaii.

What are you looking forward to as 2012 draws to a close?


  1. yay! congratulations on winning the gift card! hope you find the bag!! you look absolutely smooshy and cute! xox

  2. i love that you guys are getting together in remembrance of your grandpa that's so sweet :) french hens on your iphone cover that is TOTESSSS adorbs!!! congrats on the GC laura can't wait to see what you get ;)

  3. So lucky that you won that giftcard! That red purse is awesome! The hen iphone case is so cute!

  4. That sweater is SO cozy and I love your scarf! Bummer that the bag is out of stock online...but my fingers are crossed you find it at the store :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. can't wait to see what you get! what a lucky girl!


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