Tuesday, March 12, 2013


For some reason this Tuesday has felt like a Monday. But it's nearly the end of the day and I can't complain. And with the sun staying out a bit longer, well... I don't have reason be sad (although I still mourn the loss of an hour of sleep..bah).

I put this together this morning on a whim when I decided that I really didn't want to wear a skirt today - and quite frankly with the cold air blasting in here I'd probably have frozen today, and as a result, this won out instead.

Hooray for stripes, the color blue, and red patent flats!  I also really like the grey and pink lining that peeks out of the blazer - such a fun, girly add on. And, I feel as though I really need to get wearing light clothing items out of my system as fast as possible because London and Paris are calling for temps below 50. Brrr. Perhaps I will have to look like a dorky tourist with uggs after all.

Are there any items that are absolute necessities that you take while traveling?

Blouse: Banana Republic
Blazer and jeans: Gap
Shoes: Tory Burch
Scarf: Gift


  1. I love your outfit! That blazer is super cute!!!

  2. Love the striped blazer! Just bought one myself at Loft! Great minds think alike! :)

    1. yes! can't wait to see how you wear it, jeannie!

  3. The striped blazer from the Gap is great. Happy bluesday!

  4. large scarves! they keep you warm, they always look chic, and you can double them up as pillows/blankets!

    take me with you :(

    1. I know...i'm cold thinking about it.
      and yes come with! ;)

  5. ehhh laura i LOVEEE your bright red TB's soo freakin' cute!

  6. How you felt yesterday is how I feel today...I thought it was Thursday! I love the color combination and that striped blazer!

    And ahh Paris and London! My travel necessities would have to be comfortable footwear and scarves!

    Fleur de Lyss

  7. Love this look Laura! Those red tory burch flats are gorgeous! It goes perfectly with the striped blazer to give it a nautical vibe! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I'm following you now on GFC #51 & BLoglovin #8 :)! It would be great if you could follow back! Thanks:)!

  8. I've been seeing striped blazers everywhere lately! It's so hard finding one that fits me well. I like how you wore the Gap one : )


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