Monday, March 25, 2013

I see London, I see France...

And I had a great time. Below are some photos of my trip...including the goodies I brought home. And please pardon my spacing/bad took me 24 hours to get home and I'm still tired. Hah.

Some trip highlights:
Finally seeing Abbey Road & The Apple Recording studios
Sticky toffee pudding
Afternoon tea at Fortnam & Mason
Nightly wine near the fireplace in our hotel
Shopping on the Rue St. Honore
Going up the Eiffel Tower at night
View from Buckingham Palace
Dragon Slayer along Embankment
Buckingham Palace
Mind the Gap
Abbey Road
Stamping my initials on my bag at Cambridge Satchel Co
Big Ben
My requisite sticky toffee pudding
Arc d'Triumph with the Eiffel Tower in the background
Roof view at night
Arc view during the day
Another tower shot
I just thought this was cute.
Macarons at Laduree
St. Chappelle
Eiffel Tower on our last night
Final Paris shot

And my goodies... ;)

Cambridge Satchel Company bag with my initials

Limited edition Eiffel Tower Longchamp Le Pliage

And a orange box... My new Hermes Coup de Fouet scarf in black colorway.

Thank you so much for reading along and just being here. :)


  1. ahhh adore adore this post!!!

    btw sticky toffee pudding is one of my ALL time favorite desserts in the world!!

    and i have that SAME exact navy blue eiffel tower longchamps bag and i got it in paris too teheheh :p

  2. Welcome back! This is making me want to go back to France, it is so lovely! I adore everything you purchased on your trip. The satchel is amazing and so is the scarf. Hope you are not too jet lagged!

  3. I am so so so jealous of your trip and all your purchases! I studied abroad in Paris but was way too poor to buy anything cool at the time. London is my favorite place on earth, but I didn't know about the Cambridge Satchel Company last time I went. It is a definite must on my list for next time!


  4. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  5. i loved all of your IG pics when you posted them - the scarf is a spectacular print - congratulations!!!

    xox P

  6. Dear Laura - I came through via Lisa's blog where you left a comment.

    These pictures make me miss both those cities tremendously. And well done on the Hermes purchase - my knees go weak every time I am in there, especially in Europe!

  7. I'm lusting over that Cambridge Satchel! So beautiful and love the initialling. Such a great idea. looks like you had an awesome trip- very glad I found this blog!


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