Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013 Budget

So right off the bat let me say this month was odd. With London & Paris I bought things that I had set money aside for since it was outside of my normal budget, and I got to do some extra shopping with my bonus payout. And I had to improvise on some of the items since gap outlet doesn't have a website.

Gap Outlet boatneck sweater - 8.10, similar
J Crew Nautical colorblock popover - 21.99, exact
Gap Outlet striped T - 6.90, similar
Ferragamo lace flats - 26.50 after giftcards
J Crew outlet striped T - 16.99, exact
Gap outlet terry hoodie - 23.99, similar
J Crew outlet charley sweater - 34.75, exact
Gap outlet polka dot blouse - 12.00, similar
J Crew Bon Voyage Tee - 21.99, exact

Clothing total: 173.21.

So clearly, I need to either a) stick to outlets or b) stop shopping all together. I think I'm going to lean toward b. We do have an upcoming trip to NY mid-month but hopefully I can hold out for that.

I'm proud that I cut back.. but with my bonus money I've gone a bit crazy in the past few days. I really need to re-evaluate my wardrobe and start displaying my clothes better - I feel as though I tend to buy the same things over and over again since my sweaters are in my cedar chest. Alas, I shall figure something out.

I want to be better in April, especially with a week in New York mid-month.

How did you do so far this month?

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  1. ohhh the j crew bon voyage tee is sooo so cute! i hope you wore that on vacay haha! i love the cobalt blue sweater too so pretty!!

    1. i wore it to work the day before i left ;) bwahahah.

  2. I love your striped tees and the JCrew bon voyage tee, so adorable!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  3. I can't believe your Ferragamo flats were only $27!!! Awesome steal! And I love all your striped tops! I need more stripes in my life. :)

    1. Weeeeell, since I had a gift card that's the remaining amount I had to pay. I'll take it, though!

  4. I love that JCrew colorblock tee - so cute! I am going to Europe next month, so I am hoping I can resist buying anything until afterward!

    1. Thanks so much! Europe is fantastic...its probably sad that I'm ready to go back again!

  5. I think you found some staples that will get plenty of wear. Maybe if you don't shop the rest of the month you can come back from NY with a momento or two :)

    1. that's what I'm hoping... so I think I should just tape my hands together for the rest of the month.

  6. Great job with your budget! I think it is great to save up to splurge on special items for a trip or for a few necessary things each month which it sounds like you are doing.

    Lucky you with the Valentino flats. Gift cards are always such a treat!

  7. love your picks for your march budget! and haha it's so easy to spend bonus money!

  8. Hi doll! Thank you for the kind words on my Budgeting Bloggers post! I just wanted to let you know that you are a no-reply comment blogger, which means that I can't email respond to your comments. Well actually, no one can - haha. Don't worry, it's an easy fix. Here's a quick tutorial to show you how to change it:

    This way we can all respond to your comments! Let me know if you need any help!

    Have a great day!


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