Thursday, August 29, 2013

August Budget

By comparison to other months, August seemed so long. I did well on my budget this month but the J Crew Factory sale is calling my name... I might have to get this sweatshirt because I missed it last year and I kicked myself a few times.


Yellow Owl Workshop bee pendant - 25.46
J Crew Factory Houndstooth sweatshirt - ~30
Marais USA sandals - 50.96
Kate Spade iPhone cover - 15.30
J Crew Factory dot skirt - ~60

*Not pictured because I'm not sure if they fit okay - Anthropologie Piped Sabattical Loafers - 39.99

Total: 221.71

Phew. Under my monthly budget. I did sell a small purse for 75 so that helps. The skirt was a hefty price but I figure it's a piece that I will get a lot of use out of and it can be dressed up or down. I had been wanting a pair of strappy sandals with a bit of a wedge for ages. I had seen the above ones earlier this year in a storefront window but waited until the price was dropped - and I scored them with my Anthro birthday rewards. The iPhone case was a fun pick-me-up and still for some reason shows full price on their website but in store it was marked down. And I love the print - it makes me happy.

So.. how did you do this month?

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  1. I'm not counting, I think I did bad this month, but I was stocking up on fall "essentials." Darn the new arrivals and great sales, haha.

  2. Laura - you are good! I saw that skirt when we were away and it was lovely!!! I would like a sweatshirt, too, just haven't managed to find "the one" yet..

  3. Oh and ps - Happy Birthday! Pop over to my blog and see the love!

  4. That bee necklace is too cute! Great finds!

  5. Wow, your new loafers are so cute! I'm in the middle of a major closet reduction. I'm adding new things as I'm selling. However, I'm definitely letting go of waaaay more things than are coming in. I'll be happy w/that for now. :)


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