Thursday, September 11, 2014

On turning 30

It's a little odd to say that I'm 30. For a very long time I was apprehensive and scared of this new age. 30 sounds so different than 29. But... for the first time in awhile I feel as though I'm going into this fully comfortable.

The twenties have been interesting - I graduated college, traveled internationally, adopted 3 pets, moved out and got married, started and ended jobs, and felt the devastating blow of the losses of grandparents, friends, and even pets. I continue to evolve my style, my way of thinking, how I handle situations, and think on things a bit longer before acting or speaking.

Venice 2007
College graduation - June 2007
With Abby a few weeks before she passed, 2009

London 2011
Our wedding day, August 11 2012
Rappelling in Mexico at 30
I was talking with my husband the other day and at 20 I don't think that I would have been able to picture myself at 30. I mean, there's still the fundamental parts of me at 20 that I still have at nearly 30, but I never thought that I would've found a career, live in San Francisco, work for a religious non profit, or be as blessed as I am with family and friends.

As for the next 10 years? Still being myself (and accepting that girl) tops my list. As does stepping foot on another new continent (Asia or Australia!), owning our own place, maybe sitting down to write that book, and not be afraid to live.

And how did I do on that 30 before 30? Let's see...

Dedicate more time and effort to the blog
    Make homemade pasta and sauce
      Join a sports team/bowling league/ice skating lessons (Does spin count?)
        Bike across the golden gate bridge
          Go to the symphony with DH
            Go fruit/pumpkin picking
              Hike Angel Island - June 14, 2014
                Bake at least once a month with my kitchenaid mixer (I blame this on the sorry state of my small kitchen)
                  Visit the Italian American Museum 
                    Organize and play a bocce day
                      Be nicer to my cuticles
                        Clean my wardrobe
                          Exercise more and eat better
                            Visit at least one new US city Portland, Or - Sept 2013; Asheville, NC - Nov 2013; Kiawah Island, SC - Nov 2013
                              Read a minimum of 40 new books
                                Take and pass the PHR May 3, 2014!
                                  Push myself harder at work
                                    Strip down the wardrobe
                                      Be better with impulse purchases
                                        Visit another National Park (that I haven't been to already...)  Muir Woods - Dec 2013
                                          Perfect my pie making abilities (According to DH  I'm good).
                                            Have a dinner party
                                              Visit another California coast lighthouse
                                                Cook dinner at home at least twice a week
                                                  Get a few steps closer to buying our own place
                                                    Do something that really pushes my boundaries/limits
                                                      Finish my online course early (prior to November 20..) October 31, 2013
                                                        Work on being a better wife
                                                          Do something spontaneous
                                                            Be okay with turning 30.


                                                            1. Happy 30th Birthday! I love all of the photos looking back at the milestones of your 20s. I was also apprehensive about turning 30, but it really is just a number!


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