Friday, September 26, 2014

September Budget Recap

September is almost over and it's time for budget bloggers with Fran! Here's how I did below:

September 2014

From top left:
Old Navy plaid: $20.00
J Crew Cardigan: $44.00
J Crew marled popover: $42.00
Mindy Mae's Market Striped sweater: $26.99
Catbird cat pack ring: $27.80

Not pictured:
H&M pullover: $19.99
J Crew v neck: $12.00
Lariat necklace from a local jeweler: $15.00

Total: $177.78. So... not bad, but not great either. I did sell a pair of shoes for 50.00 through tradsey, so that helps. The J Crew cardigan is to replace my much loved orange cardigan that got ruined in the wash, and I'm super excited to have an olive green sweater. 

As for what I need... really, honestly, nothing. I do want to go through my wardrobe and see what I can purge. As for shoes, I think I can let go of a lot of pairs to slim down what I have, but also build a good shoe wardrobe of classic, everyday pairs that can go with any outfit. Thanks to Katie, I'm also thinking of evaluating my skirt situation as some of them are ill fitting. Also, the one thing missing from my wardrobe seems to be a grey blazer.

How did you do this month?


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