Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Cat's Meow

This fall season seems to be shaping up for all things cats, and well, I'm not complaining. I think ever since Charlotte Olympia came out with her Kitty flats everyone has been flocking to do something similar, but at a smaller price tag (although there is a part of me that secretly really wants the Charlotte Olympia flats, but 495...eeep!). I recently picked up this adorable Catbird ring with some birthday money but upon seeing some new releases lately I noticed a bit of a cat trend.

So if you'd like to jump onto the kitty bandwagon come join me.. and here's a few of my favorite items to keep you fashionable throughout your nine lives.

The Cat's Meow

I'm seriously contemplating the Kate Spade cat flats... I think they are adorable! Okay, why lie, I want it all.

Are there any new trends or items that you've been loving lately? Will you be purchasing any cat items? If so, share below!


  1. Those kate spade flats are super cute and the sweatshirt is hysterical! Although I love all of these items, I think I best stick to dog related apparel so as to not offend William!

    1. Katie - they have a dog population sweatshirt so as not to make William mad! ;)


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