Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Spending Recap

Also known as that month I spent a bit of money. And got some awesome shoes.

I cleaned out some of my wardrobe earlier this month and have been on a listing frenzy to clear stuff out. As cooler weather is approaching I'm also much in need of better work pants (skinny pants that aren't ankle length seem to be hard to find..).

October 2014

Old navy Rockstar skinnies in maroon & grey, $24.50 each
J Crew Factory wool pencil skirt: $54.00
Target boots, $24.95
Tory Burch revas, $165.00
Kate Spade Jimi flats, $180.60
Target Emma leather ballet flats: $19.99

Not pictured: 
Old Navy polka dot blouse, $7.50
Gap ankle length navy pants: $20.00
J Crew double knit long cardigan: $55.00 (a little pricey, but I love it and the burgundy color).
Mindy Mae's Market striped sweatshirt: $21.95

Ebay sales: $100.00, tradesy sales: $395.00

Total: $103.03

I had some misses with some work pants - I tried the J Crew dannie pant but found they run small so those went back. So did a pair of Target pants. 

And I'm not going to lie, I'm still undecided on the above Kate Spade cat shoes. Are they too kitchy for me? Will I actually wear them? And they are expensive, too.

Holes in my closet? I'd really love a pair of leopard print loafers. Other than that... I'm super content for now. And banning myself from purchasing any clothes in November/December.

As always, linking up with Fran. How did you do this month?


  1. Love all of your purchases for the month! I think the cat shoes are cute, but as you know, I love kitchy stuff like that from kate spade. You could pair them with more classic pieces and totally pull them off!

    1. Thanks Katie! :) I'm thinking with jeans and simple blouses and blazers they'd look good.

  2. The shoes are totally kitchy, but I do really like them. They're unexpected and add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise more sophisticated outfit. (However, if you're really on the fence, return them and buy something you won't have any regrets over!)

    1. Thanks Jessica! I'll try them on at home with a few outfits and see how they go. :)

  3. Great purchases this month. I really like the Kate Spade flats and the maroon Old Navy jeans. I've been looking for pants in that color, but sadly these are sold out in my size. How do you like the new Revas? I have a pair of the old style with the elastic backs.

    1. I haven't worn them on yet because I need to get some heel liners for them. :) Thanks for stopping by - your blog is pretty awesome, too.

  4. These shoes are absolutely nice, however I do truly like them. They're surprising and add a touch of eccentricity to a generally more complex outfit. Be that as it may, in case you're truly going back and forth, return them and purchase something you won't have any second thoughts over.I like to use these shoes with leather skinny jeans


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