Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And it was (all) yellow

Happy July 12th everyone - it's another everybody everywear day! This month's theme is yellow (which I actually don't have a ton of). I thought I had my outfit all planned out for today - a mustard yellow skirt and flats - but a client decided to come in last minute so I'm dressed like a corporate drone/flight attendant.  With that being said I couldn't resist adding this scarf to my outfit today - the gold and white really pops.

Apologies for the headless shot - I was making an odd face. And I saved you from the blandness of my black pencil skirt and tights. ;)

I hope everyone has a better Tuesday than me - so far a bird has taken its aggression out on me, I can't find my glasses (nope they're not on my head) and a laptop I need to use is password protected. Augh!

Yellow </P>
<P>Everybody, Everywear


  1. Your last comment had me cracking up - at my old job, my VP used to misplace her glasses all the time! Sometimes she'd walk around with two pairs on her head and be searching her desk looking for glasses! That aside, I think the color pop from the scarf really adds a nice zing to the outfit!

  2. lol, such a fun post



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