Monday, July 11, 2011


Time flies by so fast lately - to the point that it's hard to notice that July is already starting to slip away. For the first time in quite a few days the weather here is not so beautiful; instead its dismal and grey and leaves me wishing for my bed and kindle.

With time passing fiance and I realized that this weekend marks our first cattiversary. On July 10 2010 we marched ourselves (with my sister and her bf in tow) down to the San Francisco SPCA in search of a new friend. I'm not gonna lie - it was hard. We'd seen another cat there the weekend before but we were immediately in love with a green eyed girl with stripes and a white belly who was waving at us with her paws and started up her purr once we stepped in the room. It was then that Rosie (formerly known as Boscolita) chose fiance and I.

our first day home - july 10, 2010
in our windowsill on her cat condo
It's crazy how something - or someone can change your life so drastically. I can't imagine my life without my feline companion and it's so hard to think of what I did before she came along.
cat nap - or how she likes to sleep with us at night.

To my Rosie, thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness into our (normally boring) lives. Thank you for picking us. Love, laura.

she knew i was talking to her, too.


  1. She is absolutely beautiful! I love the last pictures best :) My boyfriend and I are always swooning over cute kitties, but I'm allergic and can't have one :( I will enjoy yours instead from afar!
    PS: Giveaway over at my blog, check it out!


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