Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Latest additions + a ban of sorts...

After hitting my savings goal back in August I really haven't saved much since then. Ollie got sick and his vet bills added up. Plus I've had some work expenses (that I'm waiting to get reimbursed for) and well, I decided to revamp some of my wardrobe.

The latest additions.... before I go cold turkey.

Who remembers these?! Finally! On their way to me... (thanks mom!). Glad I waited - 99.99 - 30% and free shipping makes me a happy camper. Available now only onilne and in limited sizes - snap yours up for 69.99 at

Anthro cabled cocoon poncho. I've been wanting a poncho. I tried it on. I liked it. If you are shorter than 5'5 it might not be the best fit for you. Heck, I'm not sure its the best fit for me - but I'll leave that for some others to decide.  Available in mustard and navy and also a neutral color in some stores. 59.99 in stores and online.
Pilcro and the letterpress Matilija tee. Another piece my mom picked out at anthro and had me try on. LOVE this. I actually sized down to a small because it runs so large. but its adorable and has stripes AND flowers. I mean really, what could be better? available in stores and online (two colors online!) for 29.99.

I also picked up a new hoodie at jcrew (and on uber sale) to replace some of my ones that have seen better days as well as a plaid buttondown.

Yup... I need to reign in my shopping. I'm starting off easy - no shopping until NY. And even there I'm going to give myself a budget. So that's about it for now - has anyone else gotten any good sale deals lately?


  1. We have very similar taste! I love, love those oxford flats and I've eyed that Anthro tee many a time :) Great purchases!

  2. Ohh I've been looking for a pair of flats like those. I really need to go shopping.

  3. thanks Katherine!

    Cindii, you may have luck in stores. They're supposed to deliver tomorrow. Hurrah!


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