Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shoes galore! Reveal(s)!

After what seemed like ages (okay, it was really 6 days..) I got my jcrew shoes in the mail. Modeling photos below. I think once I break in the toe box area that they will fit great. I love them and am so glad I not only waited to get them on sale but that they are going to work out!

Oxford flats, Jcrew. Selected sizes online, check stores.

And my long awaited reveal of my perfect leopard print flats! I've already worn these and while they are just a smidge big I think its something that a heel guard will fix. These are seriously so comfy - I feel like I'm walking on air with these on.  So glad I got them.. and almost wishing that I got these sooner! Plus I LOVE the bow detailing on these!

Denise bow flat, Banana Republic. Online for 98.00; in stores check for promos.

And the biggest reveal of all... my wedding shoes! I've hemmed and hawwed over whether to keep the pretty heels that I bought... but once I saw these my mom and sister and I shouted a YES in the middle of the BP shoe salon. I cannot wait to wear these under my dress... Presenting the Steve Madden I-Dreemy ballet flat. (And now available in other colors, too!)

Available at Nordies for 99.00, online and in stores.

And of course, my furry best friend who kept wanting to get in the photos (or just play with shoes, cause she's a shoe queen..) Rosie.


  1. Ahh, what a fabulous reveal! Love the flats and your wedding shoes are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. You have such good taste dearie, your 3 new ballerinas look awesome! :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. I love a good ballet flat and these are fantastic! Oh your sparkly wedding shoes!

  4. ohh all of them are gorgeous! love your kitty :D I'm following

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