Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday/Why i cannot shop anymore

I got up early, I braved the lines, I conquered Anthropologie's Black Friday sale. In 32 minutes. And got everything I wanted. So here's a roundup of everything that I got this past Black Friday/Bargain shopping weekend.

From Anthro:
the item that I wanted the most was the Ihrin shirtdress. While everyone was mobbing over shoes (i have never seen anything like it in my life) I nabbed two sizes of this to try on. I did have to size up since the 8 seemed a little tight in the bust area but grabbed this is a gorgeous purple hue. Love! Sale price: 49.99 on Black Friday, item 22806756 (check stores).

i'm fairly sure this is the instant class tee in stripes, but i may be wrong. saw this on my last browse through the sale room and nabbed it like it was going out of style. purchased in a size M for 14.95, item 22519847.

tried this on and grabbed it without thinking twice... so i'm not sure if this will stay or not but i think the pattern is adorable and something a bit out of my comfort range. also unsure of the name of this but purchased in a size small for 19.95.


looksmart ipad case and passport holder (19.99 and 9.99), raccoon ring holder (3.99), and grove new york goats milk lotion (4.99). I have to tell you... the raccoon ring holder was the second item on my list. i was so happy when i saw an abundance of them at my local store. i also love the pattern on the ipad and passport case... i love matching items. and the smell of the grove lotion is amazing! 
Plus look at how adorable he is close up!

After I finished up at Anthro I made my way back home and straight to bed. Gap was a madhouse and I couldn't stomach  much more than a few minutes there.

I had seen this out with my mom in law, sister in law, and best friend. Alas, none in my size. Until I saw this at Macys. For 50% off. And I had an additional 20% off coupon. MINE! Michael Kors toggle front cardigan. 60.00 at Macys, check stores.

Later on that day I headed over to Nordies..

Once I saw this and then tried it on I really had a hard time taking it off to ring it up. I've been searching for something similar to replace some of my older end of life items in my wardrobe and this warm wrap totally fits the bill. I was torn between the grey and the cream but ultimately the grey won out. Bobeau asymmetrical wrap cardigan - 39.90, or check in stores.

In case you haven't heard, I adore sweaters. I kinda live in them. Especially because I'm normally one of those people who are constantly cold. I saw this and when I first tried it on I wasn't thrilled. Until I paired it with the long sleeved shirt I was wearing and then I loved it. Kensie cowl neck fair isle sweater, 49.90, in stores and
I kinda have a thing with shoes. I tend to wear the same few pairs over and over again. I had tried these on with a friend and passed. Then I saw them marked down more this weekend and pounced. I love that I can wear these to work as well as with jeans on the weekend. Corso Como Vineland flat in pewter (the black is also a great color!), 72.90 in store and

After seeing this pair on a friend I decided that I needed these. Once I saw them marked down I knew I really needed them. Plus a nude patent flat - who doesn't need that in their wardrobe? Very excited to break these in..... Vera Wang Lavendar Lillian patent ballet flats. 96.90, in stores and (also in black!).  *Thanks Mom!
Black pumps... not something that I really own. I mean, I have two similar pairs in patent peep toes, but nothing plain... nothing I can depend on. Then I saw these. Love. Now here's to hoping that I get over my fear of wearing heels and make these a staple. Cole Haan Air Talia mid pump in black leather, 129.90, in stores and (and in brown leather, too!)

And another fun pair of black pumps. Mom saw the price on these and since they fit couldn't resist. Love the detailing on the front and the thicker heel. So excited to wear these out! Miz Mooz Felicity pump in black. 59.90, in stores and (also in purple and grey!)

Major congrats if you've gotten this far. And now, I am banned until sometime next year and desperately praying for a holiday bonus. Or a money tree. Yanno, whatever comes first. Feel free to share your black friday/cyber monday goodies!


  1. ohhh you did gooooooood girl!! those vera wang patent nude flats are GORGEOUS!! i love the sweaters you got from macys they're so perfect chilly SF nights!

  2. thanks my dear! :) at least you have an even bigger excuse to shop since you get snow in germany!

  3. What a haul! We will be shoe twins with our Vera Wang flats! And I just LOVE that iPad case. Adorable!

  4. Wow, you have been busy shopping up a storm!!!

    I absolutely adore that raccoon ring holder, and those beautiful Vera Wang ballerinas which I have been eying since they came out. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. @lori, twins!

    @addie, I know..its bad. Let me know if you'd like me to try and get you a ring holder :) my store had plenty!

    @lisa, thanks! Hopefully they can work for a wedding I'm in as well.

  6. 32 minutes??? It took me 20 hours. No, I'm not kidding.
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