Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The great cape caper.

So I have to admit that I've fallen for the fall trend of capes. I think I've found one that works for me. But the only problem? How the heck do I wear it!

Ladies, suggestions are welcome... I purchased the above J Crew cape for a fab price during an instore sale. But I'm so stumped as to how to pair this. I love how the model is showing wearing it on the website... but does that actually work?  (size x small still available at

So this post isn't totally boring, here's me rockin my first ever mustard item. Graned its mixed with grey, but hey, its a step, right?

Vneck striped sweater: target. Watch, Michelle. Necklace: Tiffanys. White tshirt: Lacoste. Pants: Gap
Also, apologies for the crappy bathroom shot. But by the time I get home in the evening all the light is gone and indoor shots with a flash aren't that great.

Also, for any of you bay area girls... Rebecca Minkoff sample sale this weekend! Thanks to Paulina over at The Gore Princess for posting a heads up about this - plus she runs a pretty awesome website, too. Details at and also

Keep your eyes pealed for a guest post from yours truly over at in the next coming days, too!

Happy Wendesday!


  1. I've seen that same cape paired with dark skinny pants and heels and a white blouse underneath - the look was cas but still kind of dressed up and totally worked for the piece. Our maybe try it with a pencil skirt to be a bit more "glam"? I think it depends on how "dressed" you want to be - because for me, that piece already ups the sophistication quotient.

  2. i love that cape it's so gorgeous.. i think skinny jeans and flats would be very chic and great to run errands in.. and if you wanted to dress it up a notch.. with a skinny pencil skirt.. or wool skirt with boots!


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