Monday, November 14, 2011

New York photo post

I am back from New York. To be honest, the red eye wasn't bad. The flight home.. not so much. But all that matters is that I'm home and safe and had a great time. Plus I came home to a very vocal cat who missed us and has been giving lots of cuddles.

New York was full of fantastic food, beautiful fall colors, and just plain fun. Highlights of the trip: Brazlian steakhouse. Shake shack. Dunkin donuts. Ice skating in Rockefeller Center. The leaves in Central Park + FH & BIL's epic branch joust. Meeting and working out of my NY office and seeing my boss again.

Not so highlights: Newark airport. Getting on the wrong train and ending up in Brooklyn. Turbulence. Delayed planes.

But other than that, I have no real complaints. And I barely spent any money. Who am I?

Outfit post tomorrow since I donned an outfit today that I loved.

And now... photo dump!


  1. Oh I love NY in the fall! I am going home to see my parents over the holidays and will be bringing the BF - must remember to take him to Shake Shack and change his life, haha!


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