Monday, February 6, 2012

Question and answer Monday linkup

I saw this over at Pretty in pink Megan and thought this would be a fun idea for a normally bland Monday here in the office. :)

1. favorite place you've traveled. Wow... that's hard. I love all of Europe. Italy is amazing. Paris was romantic. London is full of adventure. Amsterdam is so charming with its canals... so that will have to do.

2. where would you want to go if you could have a paid ticket and hotel? Istanbul!

3. if you have a trip planned, where are you going? We have several this year.... Hawaii in March for a wedding, Denver and Philly in June for two weddings, DC in September and November, and our honeymoon in Europe in the fall.

4.Were you an honor roll student in school? Only in college.

5. what was your major in college English language literature. ;)

6. Ever go to camp? Never! :(

7. favorite tv show of all time Oh that is so hard. I've been watching AFV for years!

8. What was the last thing you ever got grounded for? I never got grounded. O:)

9. What was your childhood nickname? Laura Fo

10. what would your dream job be? Travel photojournalist / animal sanctuary owner.

And so this isn't lacking..some pics from this weekend.
 Pretty flowers at one of our favorite brunch spots on Saturday morning.
 Rosie loving on my slippers (odd cat, at least she has good taste)
The new starbucks Valentines day cups - they always put a smile on my face!
And stay tuned later... I'll have my Jason Wu for target haul post! Happy Monday!


  1. Ooh, you Jason Wu hauled too - I didn't end up getting anything but am curious to see what everyone else did!

  2. ugh i'm so jelly you are going to hawaii and so soon too!! i haven't been home in years.. i was suppose to go in april.. but i had a change of plans and have to go to taiwan to visit my grandma.. but i will not accept no this year. i told the hubs i'm going to hawaii this year... with or without him hahahaha.


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