Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gingham with red and blue

Hello Wednesday, I'm so glad you're here and it's no longer the first half of the week. The low clouds have finally lifted here in SF and there's sun out, but in the shade it's still on the chilly side. I decided to pair red with blue today and this is what I got...

Scarf: H&M, Jeans: Wet Seal, V Nec: Gap, Necklace: JCrew, Gingham buttondown: Target
Since I sit under the air conditioning for at least 8 hours a day I usually have to bundle up, hence the massive scarf. And it doubles as more warmth when the walk to work in the morning is a bit chilly.

I have to admit that I'm really loving chunkier statement necklaces. While this one isn't exactly huge it's still a fun piece. I think I might start looking for more to dress up outfits and give me the ability to remix and add pizzaz to something that I might shove back into the depths of my closet.

Renegade Craft Fair is also coming to San Francisco this weekend and with Saturday as my free day I'll be taking some time to go check it out.

Today's wedding count is at 24. Holy cow - where has this year gone? Tonight I'm heading up to a stationary store to get our colored escort cards. I've decided to do varying shades of color to designate meals. Between my aunt, cousins, mom, sister, and myself we're going to handwrite the approximate 205 cards for my guests. This weekend I also have another hair/makeup run trial with my gal pal/hair and makeup stylist.

So - what's some of your favorite outfit pairings when you want a few minutes of extra sleep in the morning?


  1. Very the gingham with the red jeans!

  2. Whenever I'm too lazy to get dressed, I pull on my favorite jeans, a tank top, a cardigan, and my oxfords. It looks put together without being fussy. Also, red jeans are great for adding pop to an outfit. :D

  3. you look AMAZING in red and blue!! and i love the pop of gingham laura!! :)


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