Wednesday, July 25, 2012

White linen

I'm not gonna lie - I was a little apprehensive about picking out a white blazer, let alone a linen one. But when I saw the price on this at nordies (35.90) I decided to let myself be a little bold and picked it up. I also grabbed the cute littler triangle/banner necklace. I'd seen it at another store but Nordstroms had it cheaper. Hurrah!
Blazer: Frenchie, Top & Jeans: Banana Republic, Necklace: Nordstrom's BP, Watch: Michelle

I have to admit that I'm liking the white, probably because it's linen and it's a ligher fabric. And since it's 3/4 sleeves I can always roll up my blouse for some fun.

I also have a bunch of other items that I got from the Nordstrom sale - I'll be posting that sometime soon and I'd love to hear feedback on what should stay/go back.

And just for fun, here's my manicure I'm rockin' this week:
It's hard to believe that my wedding is just 17 days away. My bachelorette party is on Saturday night, and on Sunday I have my final dress fitting. I'm trying hard not to stress out, but sometimes it's hard. I'm DIY-ing a few items for the wedding and I'll make sure to post those, too!

Since I've been so tired/stressed at night I've been trying to do my best to unwind and unplug at home. I've been reading a lot (just finished the 50 shades series, I have no shame..) so book recommendations are welcome too!

Here's to a great week(end)!


  1. First...congrats on the upcoming wedding! How exciting!!
    Second...I love the white blazer! I have really been enjoying my ivory eyelet one.

  2. ^thanks so much! i've been eying the eyelet one on jcrew... :)

  3. ahhh i'm loving that white blazer on you laura but i'm OBSESSED with your triangle necklace that is sooo cute!!!!

    eeps counting down the days until you're officially part of the club laura!! haha :)

  4. Ooh, 17 days, that is close, girl! Right around the close of the Olympics, it'll be time for Team Laura!

  5. Really love your blazer! Such a fun staple.
    Don't you love weekends for an opportunity to rest and relax? Although sometimes you end up busier...;)

  6. i think getting that blazer was a good call, it's pretty! and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! i wish you all the best! :D

    <3, Mimi
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