Thursday, November 28, 2013


It's almost midnight here in South Carolina and after a long but happy and warm day with family here on the east coast I've been reflecting a bit on the word that I threw out at our annual Thanksgiving dinner ritual of saying what we are thankful for.

I'm first and foremost extremely grateful for my husband, who is not only incredibly supportive but has pushing me to stop and think about things differently. I have been trying to change one aspect of my life and have been looking for the right time, the right opportunity to do so. While it hasn't happen yet, it doesn't mean it's not out there.

My parents are amazing. They have also been very supportive of my recent endeavors and have been telling me that no matter what they are proud of me.

I am extremely grateful for all the things that I have in my life - my family, my pets, the fact that I have a job, that I live in an amazing city and have been able to travel to some fantastic places this year. 

And, looking forward, I am extremely thankful for the opportunities that may arise in the near future.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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  1. hi Laura! I feel like you are getting ready for the next phase and look forward to hearing all about it when the time comes!

  2. What a sweet post about your husband and family. I am sure when the opportunity is right to make a change you will be ready to do so and it's great that you have their support and guidance. I hope you continue to enjoy your holiday in South Carolina and happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Katie! I had a great time - South Carolina is very charming, but it's always good to be home. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving day too.

  3. I'm so grateful for what I have too. I hope the right opportunity comes at the perfect time.

  4. opportunity. what a good word. i feel like i've been blessed with that this year as well!

    thanks so much for linking up :)


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