Sunday, November 3, 2013

October buys

Here's where my money went this month...
October buys
J Crew drape front sweatshirt: 23.99
J Crew peter pan collared blouse: 29.99
J Crew Number 2 Pencil Skirt: 59.99
J Crew Polka dot baseball tee: 14.99
Minnetonka thunderbird II mocs: 39.99
J Crew Cubist Houndstooth Scarf: 24.99
Not pictured: 
Ralph Lauren Factory button down: 29.00
J Crew Lace front sweatshirt: 35.00

How did you do this month? Linking up with Fran!


  1. You got some great items this month! I love that pencil skirt so much!


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