Thursday, November 21, 2013

Recent Factory J Crew/Finds

For some reason, J Crew Factory has really hit it out of the park recently on items that I've wanted in the past but never had a chance to get (so, while my wallet begs you to stop, I'm interested to see what will be in the next roll out).

I took advantage of the last 40% off promo as well as the 20% off 3 or more items to get the following:

Factory classic button down in suckered plaid - item 41430. I took my normal M. I believe I missed out on this in normal J Crew stores last year so happy to find it at Factory.
Factory plaid flannel in grey - item 30519. Another retail gone factory. Again, size M. Also I'm totally on a plaid/flannel kick as of late.
Factory colorblock linen baseball tee, size M. While this is backordered until what feels like Christmas I'll eagerly be awaiting its arrival.
In stores marked down to 34.99 - 40% - the funny birds tee. I had to size down in this one to a S as I feel as though it ran huge on me. It has birds. And they are funny. I loved this when I first saw it but was turned off by the price. At 20 and some cents, I'm much more okay with that. What more can I say?
And one more marked down to about 20 and some change - the dots over stripes tee. Another that I took in a S. This still shows as full price on the website, but was marked down like the birds tee to 34.99.

So that's about it. Have you gotten any great buys from the sales recently?


  1. SO glad you got some things to love! I haven't bought as much recently after a busy sep-oct - will wait now till after Christmas sales unless I run into some amazing black Friday sales online!

    1. November has been a bad month..too many sales! Hah.

  2. Love all of your factory finds! I bought the second plaid shirt you listed last week, but I am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I have been shopping a ton at the Factory the last few months and skipping "regular" J. Crew. I am liking the prices and styles at the Factory so much more this year!

    1. I agree 100% Katie - and I'm okay with Factory, too!

  3. The two red plaid shirts are awesome!

    (Have a great Thanksgiving!)


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