Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back to corporate america

It has taken me a few months but ultimately I've realized that my current job situation is not quite what I want. So, at the start of the new year I will be relocating back to a company in the financial district. I'm quite frankly thrilled - there's always such huge movement downtown - there's people, places to eat at, coffee shops, and just a buzz that I haven't seen anywhere else (except for maybe New York...). And with a new job comes the fact that my jeans and uggs probably won't cut it at my makeshift desk anymore - and I've dedicated today's post to some of the best things about getting a new job.

Skirts. I am SO inspired by wool pencil skirts with thick tights underneath that I can barely contain myself. I may splurge on JCrew's double serge pencil skirt; however my only concern is what color to get! I'm really liking the navy blue, and I wish I was brave enough to pull off the ochre or dahlia. I think this would look so clean with a nice crisp white button down and a cardigan. Oh the possibilities!

I'm also really liking this shirt from the Gap - and I'm pretty sure if you find it in store it's an additional 30% off! Not bad! I'm not sure which color I like better - the blue or the maroonish color. I think it would go great with a pair of slacks to break up the monotony of looking like a drone.

And of course, I actually couldn't resist picking this up at a private event yesterday (and I had a coupon credit, too). I thought it would be the perfect little accessory to keep my bus card and potential elevator and badge that I'll need for my new building. Plus I could always put some new business cards in them - squee! So excited! I was really torn between the colors but I ultimately ended up with the purple, cause hey, who doesn't love purple? I also really liked the blue and black, too.

And with my new accessory, I'd love to have something big and pretty to put it all in. Behold - the bag of all carry all bags - the Longchamp Le Pliage tote. Totally lusting after one of these in the large size (ahem in bf's direction) just because I'll have the opportunity to walk to and from work again. With a bag this size I'd be able to throw in a change of shoes, an umbrella, a scarf, my agenda, and even lunch. Plus with the strap drop it's a perfect size for me to plow down the streets of SF with. I'm really digging the black, but I also like the navy. Heck, I like all the colors. Hah.

So here's where I turn it over to you - what are your must have's for your job - whether it's an awesome coffee cup, a pair of shoes or an item of clothing. I'd love to hear it from you!

Sunday morning we are off to the beautiful island of Hawaii so the next few posts may come with plenty of ocean photos (especially after a mai tai or two...). I do want to do a vacation beach feature so look forward to me posting that sometime next week.

Until then.... Aloha!


  1. Yes...pencil skirts are the best! They almost always made a girl feel fabulous!

    The Auspicious Life


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