Monday, December 6, 2010

A craving of color

While reflecting on my current handbag inventory (lol) I've come to the sudden realization that I have no more color left. Where did they all go!? Beats me.

Currently I have:
Black MJ large single
Black mbmj flash kelsey
Black jcrew hobo
LV mono speedy
Balenciaga officier RH city
and a few other tote bags.

And so my lust begins. Red? Purple? Green? Orange? I have no idea where to start - or even what to consider! I do love me some leather... so that will of course be my only requirement.

I've never owned a Rebecca Minkoff bag. Her nikki style is pretty cute - maybe if I could find it in a happy bright color.

And orange... of course. Hermes (just a daydream). But wouldn't an orange bag be simply fabulous with a darker outfit? I'm not gonna lie - an orange garden party would be absolutely divine.

So - I'm sorry I don't have any photos today, but any bag suggestions would be great!


  1. I think a red or orange would be gorgeous sunny color that would complement almost anything you're wearing really well!


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