Monday, December 27, 2010

Post-vacation round up

Dear blog, I'm sorry I neglected you in times of warmer weather and beaches. Unfortunately I couldn't be asked to do much besides decide whether to sit by the pool or the beach. In remembrance of my vacation which is now sadly over I thought I'd put together a list of a few things that I love when traveling to warmer locations.

Rainbow sandals. You might be thinking holy cow that's a lot for a pair of flip flops - but let me tell you, they are fantastic. I've had the same pair for about 4 years now and I've worn them trekking through Europe, canoeing, and of course to the beach. They are durable, cute, and mold to your feet after they are broken in. I can't get enough of these - and of course with traveling on an airplane they make are easy to remove to go through security lines.

An awesome straw hat.What other than a beach ready straw hat screams vacation? Definitely a necessity when you're sitting in the sun soaking some rays and trying to read. Not only does it shield your eyes but it helps keep your head out of the sun (because scalp sunburns are never pretty). I actually picked one up just like this not too long ago at Norsdtrom in the BP section for around 7.00. Look around - you may find one on clearance during the winter!

A journal to write in. There's something about Moleskine journals that I just can't put my finger on - perhaps its the simple gleaming cover and neat lines, or the way your pen ink looks once you've finished with an entry. I'm particularly addicted to the red ones, but the black ones will always remain a close favorite. The hidden pocket in the back of these make the perfect place to store little trip mementos - boarding passes, stickers, or even a photo from  your vacation.

Maui babe browning lotion. Yeah, I'm pasty white as a ghost. What am I gonna do about it besides try not to burn, right? In comes the answer - Maui babe browning lotion. I tried this out a few years ago and ever since then I've been hooked. I apply it after I put on my regular SPF sunscreen and let it dry. It helps accelorate your tan (and smells mighty good too). Seriously - this stuff works. I have the tanned arms and legs from the past few days to prove it. I know that most ABC and other pharmacy stores in Hawaii sell this, and you can also order from their website. I haven't seen it at that many places outside of the Islands, though.

And last but not least (I think I always save the most expensive for last) would have to be a great camera. I personally adore my Nikon D80 (even though I most definitely pay that price for it). The camera is fantastic - aside from my car it is probably the best money I've ever spent. It takes amazing photos and I can easily switch lenses when I need to get a better shot. My personal favorite lens would have to be the 50MM 1.8f which takes glorious photos that I sometimes can't believe happen to be mine.

Anyway readers - that's my wrap up list. I'll be doing a top 2010 item roundup in the next few days!


  1. Ooh, the Nikon - that is one niiiiiice camera, lady! I wish I had the savings OR photo-taking know-how for one of those!

  2. lisa, you can start with the d40 which is cheaper and work your way up! seriously, they are so easy to learn on and so much fun!

  3. as a fellow pasty lady, i am so going to try that lotion!!! my skin never tans! just burns :(

  4. seriously - try it! just make sure you put sunscreen on first. :)


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