Friday, December 3, 2010

Current obsession: Fair Isle.

So even though San Francisco doesn't get anything close to nordic weather (although a snow day would be really awesome) I'm currently obsessed with anything and everything fair isle related. I've rounded up a list of some of my favorites.

Last night at forever 21 with my sister I spied this and I may have to have it. The fair isle hoodie pullover won't break the holiday bank at 32.80. Plus it has a hood - and who doesn't like being able to snuggle down into hoodies in the winter? I really like the color accents on this one - it spices it up a bit instead of just sticking to a blue and white palette.

Also from forever 21 is this fair isle cardigan. It comes in two colorways - grey/cream and light brown/cream. I think I lean more towards the grey/cream one, but at least its good to know we have options. And at just two dollars more than the other one, 34.80 still isn't a bad deal for a cozy sweater. The big buttons and pockets really give it that winter flare. I'm really digging the big collar on this one... in fact I may have to snag this one over the blue one. Oops!

Not feeling the need for a sweater? I spied these cutesy gloves at Nordstrom's in the BP department and they were put on my Christmas wishlist right away. Fingerless gloves are sure to keep my hands (and wrists) warm while commuting every day to and from work - and the added bonus is that my fingers are free to still use my iphone (have you ever tried to use your iphone with mittens or gloves on? here's a tip, it doesn't work. at all.) so I'm still free to text, make calls, surf the net, and listen to music without having to pull my gloves off and on. And at 18.00 if they don't appear under the tree I won't feel guilty going out to buy them for myself at that price.

Over at JC Penney's I spotted this sweater if you want something that will give you a belted look. For only 21.99 this sweater is a steal - and it comes in three colorways - chocolate heather, heather charcoal, and ivory. My only concern is what color I would get for myself... hmm. Plus on the JC Penney website you can check stock in realtime at your store to make sure its available for you if you wanted to run down and grab one. How cool is that?

And I couldn't resist on these... although I might not wear them out of the house these are just too cute for words. For anyone who has hardwood floor in the house (me) or whose feet just can't get warmed up these MukLuks would be a great gift to make sure your someone stays warm during those cold winter nights. I really dig the buckle design on these, too!

Hope you enjoyed my little list - hope everyone is having a great Friday (Happy Weekend!) and stay warm!


  1. Love that JCPenny sweater. Looks perfect so cozying up with hot chocolate and a book.

    The Auspicious Life


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