Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello Miss May!

I honestly can't believe that today is already May 2. Where has 2011 gone? (I actually went to write 2010 but then remembered..)

In celebration of our warm weather that we've been having lately in the bay area (nope, not complaining, although my sunburned shoulders hurt a bit) I thought I'd compile some things I'm loving at the moment.

Ice cream sundaes. Without a doubt my hands down favorite shop sundae is from Baskin Robbins. Chocolate chip cookie dough, hot fudge, peanuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top is the perfect sunny day treat. Click here to find the baskin robbins nearest you.

Bright colored nail polish. I love having brightly colored nails to look down on. Even when its foggy there's something about a little pop of color that makes my day. If I remember correctly, I'm currently rockin' the Gelish color of Samuri, a pretty purplish hue with some sparkles and a sheen of pink. Love! Check out the other awesome colors that you can get done on your nails here - and if you didn't know, these mani's last for at least 2 weeks!

Maxi dresses. The little girl in me longs for a few of these glorious dresses that flutter and sweep along the floor gracefully with every step. However, I've been having a bit of a problem locating some that look good on my figure. I've struck out at forever21 but heard from a friend to check old navy. I plan on getting down there sometime soon.. Or maybe I should switch it up and try a maxi skirt. Decisions, decisions! I really love the colors and the style of the Anthropologie one pictured above, but the price point is a little high for me.

Nautical stripes. Theres something so fun and summery about striped shirts I can't almost put my finger on it. But they look fantastic paired with anything from jeans to kahki's to slacks in the office. Can't get enough!  Grab the above J Crew shirt here, a straw hat, and your picnic basket and you are set for a weekend.

That's about it for now - I hope May is treating everyone well so far and let me know what you're crushin on for the upcoming sunny months.


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