Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Outfits 1&2

Day 1: Woke up cold. So I grabbed what seemed to be most warm on my list: The ugg broome boots. Paired that with the gap striped buttondown and one of the pairs of jeans and bam - instant outfit. Grabbed a leopard print scarf from my scarf rack to give it a bit of flair and also my leather jacket. I was thinking its a little rough biker chick for the office, but two coworkers complimented me on my outfit so I'm glad it worked out! Pardon this picture, we had just gotten back from dinner and drinks, hah.

Total pieces used= 4.

And Tuesday. This morning when I got up the low was in the 40's. Wanting to be cozy at work I grabbed one of my tissue turtlenecks, my sweater poncho and black jeans. I used my plum tory burch shoes to take away from the blahs and a bright blue scarf to add some color. The belt is (i think) a nice touch to break up an overly powerful sweater. Also in my hair is a peacock feather headband that my sister made. I love it!

Total pieces used = 4.

So far, so good. The beginning has been easy - and I'm really glad that I can acessorize freely with this. I'll probably have BF mess around with the camera and hopefully if the rain holds out we can get some rooftop shots in here sometime soon :)

Good luck to all the other remixers, hope you all are having fun!


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