Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday gifts for under 25.00

Hello readers! I apologize for my absence - the Thanksgiving holiday and the weekend surrounding it was full of family, friends, lots of food (3 thanksgiving dinners!) and multiple trips across the bridge. With the official count to Christmas being only 26(!!!) days away and the first night of Hanukkah tomorrow night I thought I'd do a spotlight on some of my favorite little things for under 25.00.

For the person who loves doing manicures but hates to spend the money I found this while looking around at nordstrom. The Essie nail corrector pen would be a fantastic gift - and priced at 14.00 it would make an excellent stocking stuffer! (I should probably take my own advice and pick this up, lord knows my nails would thank me).

Over to etsy I've found an abundance of gorgeous, handmade goodies to get for friends. Some of my favorites happen to include the sapphire blue swarovski drop necklace from shingingstones. Priced at 16.00 it's an adorable piece that is sure to draw attention!

For the earring lover I also found the Aventurine ear studs by LoveErica which I think would stand out fantastically against darker hair. Another awesome jewelry piece that won't break the bank these earrings are only 14.00.

If you have a drink mixer in your life, Crate and Barrel's "500 Cocktails" book would be a great gift (along with some mixers, perhaps?) to enable anyone to create awesome cocktails without ever having to leave their apartment. At 16.95, this book would leave you with some extra cash to perhaps purchase 1 or 2 of the Dizzy cocktail glasses to complete the whole gift.

And for the person who just needs to relax (hey, I think I qualify for that) I spotted the Virtuoso candle at Anthropologie last night and stopped hard in my tracks. Not only does it smell good, the tin is adorable - and I'd probably use it for something to store little trinkets in when I'm finished burning the candle. Now, my only issue is which scent to get, they all smelled really good..

So let me know what you guys pick up and who on your naughty and nice list will be getting what this year.

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!


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