Thursday, August 11, 2011

And so the countdown begins...

With today being August 11 2011 that means that our wedding is officially a year away. I'm uber excited and can't wait to begin to think of personalized ways to add our own touches to our wedding.

When my fiance proposed on our roofdeck and once we popped champagne a little ruby throated hummingbird came buzzing by us. He hovered over us and perched nearby for a bit before continuing on his way. We've seen him since - just last week he flew up to our window and peered in as we had dinner. A friend of mine said I should do something to incorporate our little friend into our wedding - so I'm contemplating sealing our invitations with a hummingbird stamp. This guy just may foot the bill - available at Kritters in the mailbox.

I'm kinda torn on what to do about shoes. FH and I are relatively about the same height. And since I'm going to be coming down stairs I'm afraid of tripping and falling in front of 170+ people. So instead I'm considering these from Tom's. They're flat, they're sparkly, they're not gonna break the bank, and I can wear them again. Plus what's not stopping me from making them my own?

As for my something blue I have to say that I think I know what I'm gonna do ... blue nail polish! And in Tiffany blue, too! China Glaze's For Audrey would be the best color to paint my toes pretty in to count as my something blue before I walk down the aisle. Plus I could always add some glitter to make my toenails sparkly, too! Available at

My something borrowed is taken care - I'll be wearing a pearl strand that my grandma was given to her by my grandpa on her wedding day. They're over 60 years old and I'm so honored to wear them on my day. I may have them restrung before the wedding (just because I'm paranoid).

My dress is my something new... no reveal shots just yet though!

I'm sorry my list is so sparse today - but I'd love to know what else were/are necessities for you on your wedding day!


  1. I love that nail polish color!

    I have it, and it's such a gorgeous girly shade. Definitely perfect for your wedding. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Blue nail polish sounds like a fabulous idea! Your wedding sounds like it will be amazing!


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