Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Las Vegas

It's been over a year since the last time FH and I took a trip to Sin City. We were there last May for a wedding of a dear friend and while we've wanted to go back we haven't exactly had time (or real reason to).

Until today. Gilt groupe's offering of Virgin America round-trip flight packs made FH jump on it. So now we have 5 short haul round trip flights on VA good for the next year for the price of 680. Which just happens to include a weekend in September when my sister and her boyfriend will be going to Vegas. Which means... Vegas trip! I'm especially excited because the last time my sister and I were on a trip together was more than three years ago. I'm hoping for some relaxing in the sun and dancing at night (with a little blackjack mixed in between).

So I present to you my must-haves for Vegas:

1) Longchamp le pliage bag in large - the perfect travel bag (and you don't have to worry if it gets splashed by the pool) - at Nordies

2) A fun printed scarf to cover up chilly shoulders from air conditioning - found at H&M
3) A top with a little bit of sparkle for going out at night - via Gap
4) Comfortable flip flops for doing lots of walking - my broken-in Rainbow's fit the bill - at Nordies5) Flashy bright red nail polish - OPI's I'm not really a waitress - through Amazon
6) Covergirl lash blast mascara in black to make my lashes extra long and last through the heat- at Target


  1. Awesome! When are you guys planning to go back to Vegas? It is one of my fave cities, partly because you don't actually have to do anything to feel like you're doing something - one of my fave Vegas sports is to get a good spot at a bar and people watch over fruity happy hour drinks.

  2. That's a fantastic list, and I am so excited for your holiday already! :)

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  3. @lisa, we're going sept 16-18 :)

    @addie, thanks so much! i can't wait!


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