Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mini Anthro Haul

Oh anthro, you've done it again. Bah!

I was at the Burlingame anthro store this past weekend and it was love at first sight with the Sunrise Shirt Dress. I immediately thought it would be a perfect dress to wear for my rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. I picked it up in white (fitting, yes?) and figured I could jazz it up with a colorful necklace and pumps. What's really great is the added lining in the dress so I don't have to worry about my undergarments being completely see through to the rest of the world. I know this dress also comes in a moss green and black. Or if you're lucky enough you may find some left online here.

I've been searching for a maxi dress for what seems like ages. I mean really. Everything was either too plain, too clingy for my curvy liking, or too thin. In marched Anthro's Fluid Form maxi dress in a gorgeous blue and I was smitten. The fabric is thick and so incredibly soft. I kinda want to roll myself up in this dress and take a nap. And what's even better is that the top has a tube top lining up front before it ties into a halter. Fantastic! Perfect for the beach (and its going in my bag for Vegas, and Hawaii.. and Hawaii again..) this is also a great length for me. It's not currently available online but I do know Burlingame had a few others left - and the dress just got marked down to 39.95 (thanks Mom!).

And I did get one more thing but I can't seem to find a photo of it at the moment. It's the most dainty, precious porcelain jewelry holder. It's a gorgeous teal with petals  that open to hold earrings and rings. It's currently stationed on my bedside table to hold my engagement ring at the end of the day. Totally loving this, especially with the bright color it brings to my bedside.

I'm also thinking that I may need to start revamping some of my wardrobe. I feel like I'm running out of professional bottom options and I reach for the same things every week. I'd love to add some variety so any input is always helpful!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I think that dress would be gorgeous for your rehearsal dinner! Anthro does know how to deal a blow to the ole wallet, doesn't it?

  2. oh lord, you have no idea. jcrew's entire fall collection is TDF as well.


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