Monday, August 1, 2011


Hello August, when did you decide to slowly creep up on us?  Goodbye July, I hope we leave your nasty weather behind.

It's insane to think that at the end of this month I'll be 27. I feel old(ish). My mom was 27 when she had me - and I'll be 27 when I get married. I definitely can't see myself having a kid at 27... LOL.

Anyway... since its my birthday month I've decided to compile Laura's big ole birthday wishlist of some things that I'd love to have - and most of them I can't afford. But hey, window shopping doesn't hurt anyone!

I know I've mentioned them before but I still love the urban outfitters suede pump. Still lusting after these. And guess what - they're on sale! For 39! With that price tag I may have to use some of my birthday money and get a pair. I just don't know what color.... or two. ;)

A maxi skirt. And this one has stripes. In case you haven't noticed, I love stripes. This Anthro skirt is too cute - and I could pair it with tons of different solids, too! Lust!

And speaking of stripes, this is definitely on my birthday list. I can't help but love Jcrew's stripe-breaker sweater and I'd love it in either the blue or gold stripe. Come on, birthday!

And what birthday wouldn't be complete without jewelry? Still craving the zen necklace from Sarah Chloe - any color would suffice!

And of course, it wouldn't be a proper birthday lust list without one big out of control whammy wish - the Chanel caviar jumbo flap in black with silver hardware. Maybe for my 30th.. but there's something about this bag that oozes timeless classicness and I'd never ever get tired of carrying this bag.

Well that's my short birthday list - here's to hoping! And happy August!


  1. aww happy birthday hon!!

    those nude suede pumps are SUPER cute!!!!

    and yes what b-day wishlist would be complete with chanel! haha

    we're here for about two more months.. the hubs is here for some medical training.. we leave for germany the last week of sept!


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