Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent promises

With today being Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent I've been trying to reflect on things in my life that I could/should be doing better at. And with the next 40 days to use as being reflective I thought that I'd list the things that I want to do beginning today with..
My favorite journals... ahh moleskines...
1) Write every day. Whether its here, in my paper journal or randomly on my tumblr I'd really like to write more. Even if its about nothing or something in particular I just need to get back to writing as a daily outlet.

2) Be better about the gym. Or lack thereof. I have a gym membership and I really need to just suck it up and use it. Especially with the sun staying out a bit longer ad more daylight there is really no excuse for me to be lazy (except for when its absolutely necessary...).

3) Be more mindful of my spending/shopping. Although I really haven't been doing too much of it lately I do need to watch what I spend on food and entertainment. I should also cook more at home.

4) Be kinder/more patient.

For those of you that partake in lent - what are your goals for the next 40 days?

Hurrah for Wednesday... the weekend is one day closer!


  1. i heart moleskine books!! i'm trying to go to the gym more lately too but it's SOOO hard.. i'm thinking up learning how to play tennis because the hubs loves tennis.. and i thought it'd be fun for us to do as a couple but also for me to get my heart rate pumpin too!


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