Friday, February 24, 2012

Blazer Dilemma

Okay - perhaps its not really a dilemma, but really I'm on the hunt for a fun colored blazer to add to my wardrobe of drab blue, black, and grey ones. I need some spicing up in the blazer department - and I have a visa giftcard that I'm going to put toward the purchase.

Below are some of the ones I'm considering... I'd love to hear your thoughts on them and welcome any other suggestions you might have!
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I saw this online and tried it on in store the other night... perhaps it was the lights there or maybe I'm just not confident enough but I'm half wanting to buy this right away and half wanting to turn and run. It is a bit more reddish orange in person. It also comes in a cobalt blue which was not in my size and I liked as well, and white was gorgeous too (but I'm paranoid to spill something on it...). Gibson blazer, 88.00 via
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Another option from Nordstrom - but this one is in a pure red. I like red. I'm not quite sold on the sleeves. But.. the price is fantastic - and it also comes in yellow, green, and white. Ambition twill blazer, 59.00 via
From Forever 21
This is a more cost friendly option from forever 21. I would definitely have to go in store to try this one on because their sizing can fluctuate on me. I also really like the pink option they have.. but I'm not so sure this is something I could wear to the office. Single button blazer, 24.90 at
Image from Loehmann'
I saw this on Loehmann' and if it was in my size I would possibly order this. It also comes in several other colors as well. I know, I know... its blue. But.. Cobalt is different than navy, right? Necessary Objects Boyfriend Blazer, 39.99,
Adorableness from
I know, I know. Grey. And tweed. BUT IT HAS ELBOW PATCHES! Do you know how excited I get over elbow patches? You might now. Anyway. This is on sale. I kinda sorta love it. Just had to throw this one in there... just because. Women's wool hunting jacket, 64.99,

So that's my round up... any input is more than welcome!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I like the red one. It pops and can be worn casually or formally.

  2. omg those blazers are irresistible! i love the orange one, so cool <3

  3. i def think you could get away with wearing the orange one and the cobalt colored one at the office.. i would usually shy away from cobalt for the office.. but it doesn't seem AS bright as normal cobalt.. and the cut of the jacket is very traditional!

    i've done a couple of posts on munich.. but i have to caution you.. if you're from SF (WHICH YOU ARE DUH haha) to be honest.. i haven't been impressed with food in germany at all.. now when you're talking like street stands and stalls.. they're BOMB.. but restaurants.. not so much.. you should of course go to the famous Haufbrahhaus it's the most famous beer house in germany.. everyone goes there during Octoberfest.. the foods just OK.. but it's more of a "checklist" type of thing :)

  4. ya cobalt is diff than navy I totally agree!! I love the blue one


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