Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jason Wu for Target Haul

I got up early. I shopped. I conquered. I came home with just about everything I wanted from the Target that Lori of Part-time fashion for a full-time life and I went to early Sunday morning for the Jason Wu release.

People were pretty civilized - althoughthe first three people together in line cleared out 1300 worth of clothes and accessories in one go (okay, so I stalked the register and watched their total add up..). The only item I didn't snag was the black pleated skirt, but I think that I might be able to get that anywhere.
 Milu cat tote - 39.99. I adore this, probably more than I should. The fact that its raining today made me think twice about bringing it out because I don't want it to get ruined. I have to admit its much more sturdy and less flimsy than I was expecting.
 Milu silk scarf - 19.99. Have you met my other cat scarf, the Hermes Cave Felem? Think of this as its much more plentiful cousin (and no, nothing compares to the Hermes silk scarf). Regardless - this thing is HUGE. I really wasn't expecting it to be this big! But I love it.
Here's a close up of some of the different cat poses on it.
Milu shirt - 19.99. I have to say that I was pretty surprised by the sizes in this line. The picture shirt is an XS. An XS! I don't think I've picked up anything that size in well, ever. I did nab a small as well to try on just to see the difference in them at home when I didn't feel like I needed to watch my back.

So that's about it for now... I think my mom may have been able to swipe me an item or two from her target. And if you didn't already know then I'm sure now you are aware I'm a crazy cat lady.
See? Crazy cat lady.

So.. if you made it out to your target or had luck online, what did you get from the Jason Wu line?


  1. ahhh the milu cat scarf is so freakin' adorable!!!

  2. ^i know, right?! the only thing is i kinda want a scarf horn but i don't want to pay the rediculous hermes prices!

  3. I got 2 dresses! I had to set my sister loose on Target, but she loves a good quest (you should SEE how much Missoni we have between us). Now I'm REALLY IMPATIENT for the box to get here.

    (I got the red/navy striped jersey dress and the dot print shirtdress. We couldn't get the gold peplum top or the striped sweater, unfortunately.)

  4. love that scarf!


  5. oh i love kitties!!
    the kitty Tee was so cute.....


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