Monday, February 13, 2012

Q and A Monday linkup and Outfit of the day!

Here we go again! It's Monday! Q& A linkup time!

1. What was the best day of your life?  Probably the day my now fiance proposed. That - and the days that followed were just magic.

2. What was the worst day of your life? The day my grandpa passed away. I felt my whole world turn upside down.

3. Do you know how to swim? Yes but not well. I don't know how to dive! :(

4. Cup ½ empty or ½ full? I'd prolly say half empty but run to fill it up again.

5. Where were you born? Seton Medical Center, Daly City, CA

6. Are you a morning person? Far from it. I hate mornings.

7. Are you a spontaneous person? I'm becoming moreso as I get older...

8. How many tattoos do you have? 4!

9. Have you ever milked a cow? Can't say that I have...

10. What was the most adventurous thing you have ever done? This one is hard... I guess in the grand scheme of things I'm not that adventurous! Perhaps it was at a team building ropes course - climbing to the top of a 20 ft pole, jumping off, and touching a ball in the middle of the arena. And screaming the whole way down.

And so it's not just text... here's my outfit today. I'm a little sad that its pouring rain outside and I'm definitely not dressed for it but alas! At least I hopefully look cute?

Skirt + blouse - banana republic (skirt here, blouse here). Sweater - jcrew. (similar here) Shoes - Prada (similar peeptoe here). Scarf - Jason Wu for Target.
Here's to a good start of the work week!


  1. I'm curious about your tattoos! What do you have and where do you have them, if you don't mind sharing?

  2. ^of course! maybe i'll do a post on them... :)


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