Monday, June 25, 2012

The statement jacket

For several months now I've been on the hunt for a statement jacket - or something very Chanel-esque. I long for tweed, for something with herringbone, something that I could pair with numerous things and would always be timeless. I searched Nordstroms, thought I saw one I liked at H&M, and had my eye on a few at Zara and Mango (which, if they ever go on sale, I might nab too because hey, who doesn't like variety?).

I had seen this particular jacket in plain navy as well as the pink tweed. And of course, last Thursday with some extra cash in my pocket I was told that this was recently marked down. And an extra 30% off. So I said wrap it up.

Presenting my statement jacket... the J Crew Plaid Boucle Tweed Jacket. I took a size 10 because the size 8 I tried on was a little tight in the arms - the SA's said that these ran a bit small. (I also apologize for the not so great pics - today was hectic at work and I couldn't get any good pics until I got home, hence the odd cropping). Buy online here - check in stores for a much cheaper price.

I have to admit that this is going to take me a bit of getting used to - i feel as if its so bright - but I got a bunch of compliments on it today at work (and from a stranger, too).

I'm happy to say that I'm coming out of my grey shell and loving color.


  1. sooooooooooooooooo cute!! love!! i almost bought a similar one at zara's i love love the neon orange!

  2. Girl, that jacket is on my wishlist, I adore it! That is a fantastic find - and on sale with an addtl % off?! Must. Not. Run. To. J.Crew. Now.

  3. ohh you're coming to ocktoberfest?? when will you be here? ocktoberfest is a bit much for us.. it's REALLY crazy like full fledged craziness haha but if you are in munich we can meet somewhere for lunch or dinner and catch up :)

  4. Lisa, we're coming October 1-3 on our honeymoon. that would be amazing to see you and your DH!

  5. I have this, too, and have been on the fence about keeping it. The colors are amazing. It's so nice to see it on someone else, too :)


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