Saturday, June 30, 2012

UniqueSF Roundup

This afternoon FH and I had the chance to go to the UniqueSF Craft and art show and we had so much fun! They had free drinks, massages, crafts, and booths upon booths of jewelry, soap, clothing, stationary, and other hand crafted goods.

Here's what I came home with (and boy was it hard to narrow it down to these...)

From Honey my Heart - I got this gorgeous blue drop necklace. I've really been wanting to change up some of my necklaces and move toward a more simple and classic look. Part of me really wants to wear this on my wedding day.... but I still have my heart set on wearing my grandma's pearls. The shop owners and creators are just the sweetest - it was so great to meet both of you!

From Solstice LTD I picked up this organic sterling silver stacker ring. I had been tossing around the idea of putting a small silver band in between my future wedding band and engagement ring but didn't want to swallow the price of what I've been seeing online. So when I saddled up to Linda's shop and saw these I had to have it. I'll have to snap some pics of what my stacked bands look like together, but for now this will have to do. :)

I've started to see necklaces like this pop up around various places, and I had been lusting after one. Kyle Chan Design had just what I was looking for - and I adore the sparkly sapphires with the gold of the necklace. His shop was huge - and to be quite honest I have to keep myself from going back and buying more of his awesome goodies!

I met the two lovely ladies of Frolick Jewelry and they were so kind. They only sell at craft shows but I will make sure to hunt them down the next time they are here in SF. I wore this out tonight with a simple button down and can tell this is going to be a favorite of mine!
And of course, this is hilarious and I couldn't pass it up. Filthy farm girl is actually a soap maker out of Hawaii, and I got a bar of their rose mint soap in the "Filthy Kitty" design in December. I have to tell you - the bar (which is still sealed) has an amazing scent that I can smell whenever I go near my jewelry area. So I got this for my sister, partly because it smells amazing, and partly because it's an excuse for me to call her dirty.

So that's how I spent my Saturday... what have been some of your past picks from art and craft shows?


  1. Aw, that sounds awesome - I love supporting local artists and craftspeople. Plus you get something hand-crafted and really unique!

  2. Great post and I love what you found. I really wish I could have gone to the show. SF has so many cool events

    Following you now,

  3. I love the little delicate necklace with the beads. So pretty!


  4. ohh loved all the cute things you picked up especially that blue necklace!! i think that would be adorable as your "something blue" on your wedding day but i think your grandma's pearls may be even more sentimental :)

    haha no it's ok laura.. thank you tho.. the US doesn't have the refills.. which is why i've been trying to figure out where does.. because i know certain countries do.. and i actually can order things from nordstroms.. and neimans.. and saks.. and everywhere else.. i wish i couldn't it might actually help my wallet if i couldn't shop there hahahah. and it's tax free too.. OY.. so then i feel even more so like "ohhh it's tax free.. i'm saving a boat load on tax" but i would really save a boat load if i didn't buy it first hahahah

  5. that necklace is really pretty! and while i'm still crazy for statement necklaces, i've also started to appreciate classic and delicate necklaces. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  6. thanks ladies - you are all so sweet!

  7. I passed on the One Lovely Blog award to you! :)

  8. omg you got so many awesome accessories! my favorites are the sapphire with gold and blue drop necklace =) xx

    Letters To Juliet

  9. the ring looks great, lately I'm loving the thin ring bands!

  10. Such beautiful classic jewelry pieces! Thin ring bands are so comfy for summer as well, I love them.


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