Friday, June 1, 2012

June Challenge

So, my whole idea of a shopping ban for May didn't go so well. I finally got fed up with my color lacking wardrobe and set out to purchase some items that would brighten things up a bit.

And bright my wardrobe has become. The May roundup:

JCrew: Biennial Satchel in red. Striped bow flats. Red eyelet pencil skirt. Mint green tippi sweater and modern red vneck (coming Monday, eep!). I really can't wait to pair the stripes with the red eyelet pencil skirt. And I have to say, of course, all the items were on sale. Huzzah!

Nordstrom: Frenchi blazer in cobalt (for 28.90!), polka dot blouse, and my much lusted after Sam Edelman spiked flats.

Gap outlet: Mint green tank, cobalt sweater, kelly green skinny jeans. (linked to similar items).
Via polyvore
Target: White cropped jeans (!), pink tunic, and The Webster patterned tank (never would've thought to get this, but its adorable).
Photo via polyvore
And perhaps the big finale, from Neimans, the Tory Burch natalya wedge in black.

Which friends, leads me to a shopping hiatus for the month of June. And perhaps July. I used the word banned for May and that just seemed to spurn my need to shop. And with two weekends away this month, I'm hoping I can reign it in.

So far, the responses to my new clothing items have all been positive. I've gotten a lot of compliments from coworkers and it makes me feel more confident in myself and what I'm wearing.

Outstanding items to get at some point: Tweed jacket.

That's it for now.... have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I think you made some fab investment pieces to add to your wardrobe, specifically that gorgeous bag!

  2. thanks lisa! from your post today i'm now eying the gondola shirt ;)

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh those TB wedges are SOOO FREAKIN' cute!! musttttttttttttttt see them on! take a picture pleaseeeeeeee haha i wanna see you rocking them :)

  4. Ah, i can understand the feeling, my wardrobe totally lacks colours too!! I'm so boring, i mainly have neutral colours! I love the bright red bag, it's so cute! Oh and i'm swooning for your tory burch wedges!! xX

  5. I SERIOUSLY need to go on a shopping ban for real! We should start a challenge! I'm sure I'd be the first to fail though...NO willpower.


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