Sunday, May 19, 2013

5 favorite reads.

So let me preface this by saying that a particular bag may or may not have found its way home with me today. Ooops. >:) I mean, I was gifted a generous sum of money for Christmas and while 85% of it remains locked up I did spend 15%. I am looking to clear out some other items of mine so I'm not too too worried. Excited to use it though!

Today blogging every day in May continues with 5 of my favorite bloggers. I do read much more than 5 blogs, but these 5 women have taught me many things about fashion, building a good wardrobe, and I secretly wish I could be friends with all of them in real life. And in no particular order...

Fran of Franish. I'm convinced if I lived closer to this gal I'd hope that we'd be friends in real life (or maybe I'm just hoping so!). She gives me tons of new ways to look at simple pieces and she is off to med school soon and I can't wait to watch her build her doctor's wardrobe. She's also the one who pointed me in the direction of the blog every day in May challenge - so thank you Fran!

Phiphi from Phiphi's Blog. Phiphi has amazing style - she's a mom, works full time and manages to always look amazing. I constantly drool over her Hermes goodies and she is genuinely a sweet lady who I'd love to hang out with in person.

Katie at Hello Katie Girl. Katie is from LA, has an adorable puppy, and an outstanding wardrobe and a keen eye for fashion. I'm always in awe of the fun outfits she puts together and am envious of her Socal weather and fun adventures she has with her husband. I'd love to meet for brunch the next time we come down to LA!

Jeannie of Colorful Corporate. Jeannie is another awesome mom who works and looks chic while doing it. I love her J Crew pairings and the fact that she's not afraid to wear bright colors in what can be a dull corporate environment.

Lisa from Respect the Shoes. Lisa was probably the first blog that I started following where I felt as though she was someone who I can relate to. She is down to earth and doesn't spend a ton of one piece that she may only wear one time - and I can really appreciate that.

There are so many more awesome blogs out there and I hope that this may have introduced you to some awesome blogs to read!


  1. Thanks lady, you're too sweet. I'm certain we would be friends in real life too! :)

    I'm already reading Lisa's blog but now I have to go stalk the other ladies!

    1. Yes! they are awesome gals. YAY for wanting to be friends!

  2. WHAT? where's the picture of your new bag??? salvating haha!

  3. How sweet! Thank you Laura for your kind words and for supporting my blog. I also need to check out some of the other blogs mentioned in your post.

    I can't wait to see your new bag! Do reveal soon!

    1. you are most welcome Katie - you deserve it. :)

  4. I'm sorry I haven't been up to date on my favorite blogs lately. Been wrapped up in my own drama. THANKS so much for including me, you have always been the most gracious, kindest reader and I love reading your thoughts! Not to mention I LOVE your taste! Thank you!!


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