Friday, May 3, 2013

Not so easy.

May 3! Friday! What do you have planned for this weekend? Tomorrow night DH and I have a house warming / cinco de Mayo party to go to, and Sunday is my sister's engagement shower. As long as the weather keeps up here in SF I will be a happy camper, although I'm sure my chinchillas will beg to differ.
Hello, heat wave...
Speaking of things not being so easy.... a few things that make me uncomfortable per todays prompt. Crowds, especially at bars/restaurants/clubs/venues where people are constantly bumping up into you. Snakes (thanks dad). Bathing suits. People clipping their nails at work or on public transit. Spitting. Awkward social situations where you are the third/fifth/seventh wheel. In high school and college it was boys.  Flying, although I'm getting better at it. And taking photos of myself, especially for my blog. The majority of the time DH isn't home and I don't have anything but my iPhone around, so its the bathroom at work for me. Work situations, especially in my field, can leave me wanting to cry/scream/drink/have a day off. But what can you do but hope that tomorrow is better, no?

What things or situations make you uncomfortable, and what have you done to try make those situations better?


  1. We share some of the same situations. There are some things, like clipping ones nails on the train, that I don't understand. How does one think that is OK to do in public?

    I hope you have a great weekend and find yourself only in comfortable situations.

    1. Oh gosh - someone in my office was clipping their nails the other day and I almost gagged. :| Thanks for reading and hope you are having a good Sunday!


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