Saturday, May 18, 2013

That one time I gave directions..

Happy weekend everyone! DH is recovering from having his wisdom teeth pulled and it seems as if SF is being graced with amazing weather this weekend. Alas, I am indoors tending to a very whiny, albeit justified husband.

The prompt for today is to tell a story from when I was a kid.

I was an only child up until I was 3.5 and that's when my sister Lisa came into the world. The night that she was being born I was with my papa and grandma when we got the call that she was just about here and to come down to the hospital. So we jumped into their little grey 1987 Chrystler sedan (it was SO cool, it talked you guys. It said things like "Door is ajar" or "Gas is low"). Anyway. Instead of taking the freeway we went down a main strip that passes down the Peninsula (it was a freeway at one time when things were simpler..).

My poor papa - he was SO nervous that for some reason he forgot the directions to the hospital. My grandma didn't drive - she just sat shotgun and would hold on for dear life. Regardless - this night was no different.

So I stood in the center divider in the car, yelling out driving directions to my papa, instructing him where to turn.

Somehow, we made it to the hospital in one piece, and I got to meet the person that made me an older sister.

And that, friends, is how I became a backseat driver. And developed a knack to give people driving directions. (alternatively, my dad, for some reason told my sister that when she was born I got so excited I pooped my pants. Not true dad. Not true.).

Do you have any vivid memories or funny stories from childhood? Spill the beans below!


  1. This was such a cute story! Minus the way your dad tells it ahaha!! That picture is just too cute!

    BTW! Loving the blog every day in May posts.


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