Friday, May 31, 2013

A vivid memory

Can I just give a huge shout out to everyone for putting up with my lack of outfit/fashion/photo related posts for May because with this post I will successfully finish the blog every day in May challenge. Huzzah!

Our last prompt is to write on a vivid memory. I've been trying to think of a few and one that stands out  would have to be from 8th grade in 1998. It was the night of our cheerleading competition at my future high school - the big one. I'd say about 18 schools competed. Our cheering section was huge. And for our big dance routine, I was in the front row.

Flash forward to the end of the night and they are announcing the winners. For some reason we picked up 2nd place for our cheer and we were thrilled. Amazed and surprised and beyond thrilled. And then.. we're waiting for the cheer announcements. No third. No second. Sitting crosslegged on the gym floor and we are all holding hands - even girls who didn't get along - everyone is sitting there just holding hands and trying to calm ourselves, high ponytails bobbing up and down from bouncing knees and making sure we wouldn't cry too hard in case we lost.

Suddenly the announcer boomed. "And in first place... for cheer... Saint (big long dramatic pause).. VERONICA'S!  All of us were up on our feet, hugging, screaming, cheering, crying - our cheering section went mad. We went to the middle of the floor to grab our trophy and I turned around and Tiffany, my best friend who wasn't even a cheerleader but helped support us so much was out there and we hugged and jumped up and down. Our entire class was there and we just all for one night got along and celebrated and were happy.

And that...was how we won first place. Later in the evening a parade of our cars driven by our parents drove by our principals house honking and we celebrated at a local ice cream parlor until almost 11. Thanks mom & dad for putting up with that.

So that is one of my most vivid and fun memories. Like my outfit? Hello, 1998.

What about you?


  1. ommmg laura the pic of you in your cheerleader outfit is SO cute!!

  2. How fun! I was also a cheerleader and on dance squad, so fun!

    1. if i had the time i think i'd join a dance squad now. not sure what we would dance at.. but its something i love doing :P


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