Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things I learned in the real world

Dear school, why you and I seemed to get along (except for you, algebra) you taught me a lot of things through books. But you also didn't teach me the following...

It's okay to make mistakes. It's called life lessons. You'll stumble, you might even fall, but when you get back up you know what not to do in the future.

Laughter is an amazing form of medicine. The more the better.

People change. Friends, family, coworkers. Sometimes, you have to decide to let them go and it's okay.

Whereever you go, there might be people who want to put you down, make you feel small and enjoy laughing at you. You have to grow a thicker skin and just put it behind you.

Your past is what will help shape your present. Without it, where might you be today?

If someone asks you to travel, say yes.

Do whatever you are contemplating, because regret is a horrible thing (unless, it includes spending absurd amounts of money on things you don't need or harming yourself).


  1. i loveeeee this post! agree with everything you've "learned" since school let out :)!!!

  2. Such good life lessons. I agree with all of them -- especially the ones about regret and letting people go. Those two are the most difficult to learn, I think.


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