Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A few favorite posts

Below are some of my favorite posts that I've put on the blog before. :)

2012 in review - Last year was a huge year and here's what happened.

Leaving the comfort zone - I need to get back to outfits like this more often and push myself.

Our honeymoon - Oktoberfest + Italy = win.

All inked up - the stores behind my tattoos

Cattiversary - an ode to my best feline friend

A big piece of love - our engagement


  1. Great choices! I've never read your " cattiversary" post, as it was before I entered the " blog world", but as a pet lover I thought it was very sweet. I love all of your other posts too, which mark important milestones in your life.

  2. Your honeymoon was beautiful! Florence is one of my favorite cities, so all of these photos give me wanderlust :)
    Loved the tattoo post too. I've been wanting one forever and the heart on your back is something I would definitely consider getting.

    Glad to have discovered your blog through #BlogEveryDayInMay :)
    xx Nina

    1. Thank you so much! Once you start with tattoos it's hard to stop! :) Lovely to have found your blog, too!


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