Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday struggles

How the heck is it Monday already? And how the heck is May almost already gone? I'm not lying when I say to you that I'm so excited for this three day weekend. No plans yet but even if we have a staycation I'll be happy.

Jenni's prompt today is to blog on something you struggle with. I guess what I struggle is becoming more evident to me, especially after I forgot to add a stick of butter to my cookie dough last night and realized it didn't look right. I tend to go through things too quickly. Books, directions, emails, money. I'm realizing more and more that sometimes I just need to slow it down for a bit. If I took the time to read that recipe last night and noticed I needed one cup of butter instead of a stick I wouldn't have been scratching my head over my mixer going "what the heck, Laura?". And I know I could save myself time and energy at work if I just stopped to think before responding sometimes. Although my side of the business is very go go go get stuff done asap now I'm noticing that taking that extra 5 minutes wouldn't kill them or hurt me.

And I can say the same thing about life. Sometimes I feel like I'm in such a hurry that I'm beginning to think that I might miss out on something. It could be a sunset or a cool drawing on the sidewalk or anything really - and if I  keep going nose to the grind I might not get to see something really great. I have to remember to live now instead of 50 years down the line (although its always good to think of your retirement, kids) but I have to get better at slowing down, enjoying 28 and today, the now, my present.


Are you struggling or having problems with anything?


  1. That's so interesting Laura! I never even knew I struggled with that! I go through things way too quickly too! I've had so many moments like that when I was baking something or just emails, money, etc. This takes courage! Thank you so much for sharing!


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