Saturday, May 4, 2013

Words to live by

So I've decided that next week while I'm in Mexico for a few days if I can't get online for the every day May blogging challenge that I'll write in a journal and then upload later. I hope that works.. :)

I found this one on Pinterest awhile back and loved it right away. I know its more of a quote about love and all things flowery and romantic, but I also like to think of this when I'm faced with making an adult decision or something that is hard and I'm scared about.

The perfect example that I have is surrounding this is work right now. Two of my closest colleagues are being faced with a tough choice that may ultimately result in us parting ways. I've  been thinking a lot about what I should do when and if that happens. My gut instinct was to go with them or quit all together and start searching for a new job - but when I sat down and talked it out with DH and looked at my options...well... I have nothing to lose if I stay where I am. Truthfully and honestly, I can only begin to grow.

So while I might not be ready to leave them just yet - and quite frankly there may never come a time that I'm ready to - so I'm going to strap on my big girl panties and jump, hoping to learn a lot along the way and help further my career and personal growth while doing so. And this can be said about so many other things too - sometimes being a real adult is just hard.

Are there any quotes that you particularly like to think about or write on when you need some encouragement?


  1. fingers are crossed for you laura with whatever decision you make :) but some time away in the sun and some R&R i'm sure will definitely help clear your head and hopefully the decision will come naturally to you :)!! have a wonderful time love!


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