Thursday, May 30, 2013

Letting go.

Day 30. Two more left!

Our second to last prompt is on letting go. So I'm just going to free write.

I have to learn to let go of a few things. One of the biggest that's hurt me the most are the ones who decide that they no longer want to be friends for whatever reason. There's someone who I'm still struggling with losing because I still don't understand it. But they don't want to be friends with me and I just have to accept that and let it go, let go that while I did what I thought was the best job possible it just wasn't good enough for her.

I have to realize that there will be others in the future. And now there's a few who have drifted away too, perhaps its just a part of life where I get bus with work and now school and trying to be a wife but I have to let go that sometimes its just not enough. And there will be other situations where I have to learn that the best I have to give won't be good enough, either. Mistakes will be made. I'm sure I'll stumble and fall .. but I guess that's where I'll learn the most.

And eventually.... it will be okay.

Letting go... might not be so bad, after all.


  1. I've lost tough with most of my best friends from high school (you know, the ones you went to elementary school with, then junior high, then four years of high school) and though I've "found" a few of them again via FB, it's def not the same. And since we all live in dif cities now, it's impossible to kind of pick things back up again. But I think of the time I spent with them fondly and gotta move on.


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